.......... Free Tubes are now offered privately,You need to contact me if you wish to use them for your tags etc...........

My Weebly Site

Hi everyone sorry I haven't been around much I have been busy creating a weebly site and think i have finished,This is to show you what i have created over the years from Lassie's Designs,CutenToonz and now this name oh and I also have a part time job till end of the holiday season(I don't work at butlins lol)

A few sections there are as follows............
  • My Gallery i don't give people permission to take and do what yas want,I create these when i want to relax and my enjoyment,I make a lot for others so be respectful and don't take them,They are for your viewing pleasure only
  • Tags what others make and send so i will show them off ,If you use my tubes then do show them off,send me mail ,send me a link and i can add on this page
  • Free Tubes everyone loves free things,Here you will see 3 sections as explained on the site,If you figure out the last section then have fun creating with them please remebr to follow my terms of use,Please note anything I create now will be offered from this blog its easier for me and less time consuming

  • Paid Tubes I have quiet a few to sell, At the moment i am just offering Gumdrop and Cookie/Chip character these i offer from 3 shops which are on your left hand side,Slowly I will get them added and I might even make some new items or feel free to request i like a challange

  • Members now be warned these I made years ago and a lot smaller than what I do today(so wished i made them bigger but hey ho you learn )There is quiet a few there so might take a while to load,Do I sell these now nope these are to show what i have created
So there is quiet a lot there and I have also found some on the net which is a shame as like i always say don't share my tubes,poser,graphics whatever you want to call them,use them,create with them
Anyway that's all i have so say hope you like my weebly site and feel to leave me a comment this I do like,I have quiet a few visitors but not much comments 

bye the noo