.......... Free Tubes are now offered privately,You need to contact me if you wish to use them for your tags etc...........

Happy New Year

 Wanted to wish all a Happy New Year when it comes

As you can see everything has now been deleted from the blog
I will back next year dont know when as i am still working on files and still quiet a bit to do but soon as i am finshed i will be creating again with all new items and new characters

I did a pole and looks like people want membership and Individual tubes so thats decided there will be a new member section as well

I will continue to offer free as i know many people cant afford to buy ,however these will be offered privatly due to people sharing which i do not agree with so if you want to use then you will have to contact me 

Lastly my terms will change slightly as from 2018 I will not allow my tubes to be added in scrap kits
This is another way my tubes are being shared

back next year Hugs Debbiexx